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Below, please find some of our recent thoughts on a variety of different subjects, but with an emphasis on procurement-related issues like strategic sourcing, reverse auctions, and vendor management. You can also jump to the full blog in all of its not-so-aesthetically-pleasing glory.

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4 Ways Reverse Auctions Can Revolutionize the Procurement Process
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Busting the 6 Biggest Reverse Auction Myths
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5 Things that Highlight the Value of Reverse Auctions
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4 Ways to Improve Procurement Processes and Boost Organizational Value
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Top 4 Reasons Your Organization is not Adopting eSourcing and How You Can Overcome Them
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4 Biggest Challenges in eSourcing
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How to Create an RFP that Gets Results
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Which Type of Reverse Auction Should You Be Using?
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3 Ways eSourcing Can Boost Supplier Relationships
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Why You Should Be Writing Engaging RFPs
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